About us

From its foundation, back in 1946, when execution of two big hydro-energetic power plants – HPP “Vlasina”and HPP “Zvornik” had started, and over the past 65 years, Construction Company “Hidrotehnika-Hidroenergetika” has become one of the leading Serbian companies for design and construction of all types of energetic and hydro-energetic structures, as well as building structures.

Both in the country and abroad, this company has constructed 52 dams of various types, some of them by their complexity and technical characteristics rank among top construction achievements in the world (“Djerdap”, “Mratinje”, “Bajina Basta”, “Sidi Salem” and “Sidi el Barak” in Tunisia, “Kedara” in Algeria).

Grandness of the constructed dams is best illustrated by information that accumulating of 5.300.000.000 cubic meters of water used for various purposes was enabled by their construction.
For successful execution of all projects, “Hidrotehnika-Hidroenergetika” was using its own resources, staff and equipment. Beside the approved staff, reliability in execution of a project is also ensured by appropriate equipment. The company has always had at its hands the most up-to-date specialized equipment produced in the world (“Volvo”, Caterpillar”, “Komatsu”, “Tamrock”, “Dynapac”, “Atlas Copco”).

In Serbia, “Hidrotehnika-hidroenergetika” is currently constructing two dams, “Selova” near Kursumlija, “Rovni” near Valjevo, and sewerage collection Interceptor tunnel – Visnjica.
Abroad, it is constructing “Sarrath” dam in Tunisia, “Harka” tunnel in Tunisia, and “Ourkiss” dam in Algeria.