River navigation locks and gates

River navigation locks and gates

Novi Sad

This hydro-technical structure was constructed within scope of Dunav-Tisa-Dunav channel project. The navigation lock consists of chamber (length - 85m, width - 12m, depth - 13m) and upstream and downstream lay-buys. The upstream lay-buy is founded on 12 m long reinforced concrete piles and consists of 11 sections, each 20 m long.

Quantities of work 


376.000 m3 

Backfill around structure 

114.000 m3 


28.000 m3 


1.450 t 

Diving of Larsen piles 

440 m 

Concrete piles diving 

1.050 m 

Drilling of depression wells 

980 m


Novi Sad


HQ for hydro-system Dunav-Tisa-Dunav

Construction time


Quay  "Pančevo"

"Pancevo" quay was constructed to meet requirements of the oil refinery and chemical industry in Pancevo. The structure was built as vertical concrete quay wall founded on piles driven down to depth of 25 m. Horizontal continuous slab is 12 m wide. It abuts on series of piles interspaced at 6 m. Crane supports are placed on the slab. Effective length of the quay is 343 m. 43.000 m3 of concrete and 770 t of reinforcement are embedded in the structure.


Chemical industry of Pančevo

Construction time


Navigation lock "Djerdap"

In scope of hydropower and navigation system "Djerdap" two navigation locks were constructed, symmetrically situated on Yugoslav and Romanian side of river Danube. Navigation lock was made from reinforced concrete in two levels. Length of upstream and downstream chamber is 310 m each, width - 34 m. 
Difference in level between head and tail water ranges between 19,20 to 34,40 m. Lay-buys for formation of convoys were made upstream and downstream from chambers, each of them 580 m long and 100 m wide. 
Upstream lay-buy on Yugoslav side was made as rock-fill embankment with reinforced concrete wall facing water and piles made of reinforced concrete to the river bank. Downstream lay-buy was made of reinforced concrete wall. Regulation of Danube river bed was executed in length of 6.250 m.


Electro Power System of Serbia

Construction time