Sficifa Dam


SFICIFA Dam is located in the Governorate of Kasserine in the west part of the Republic of Tunisia, about 20 km from the city of Sbeitla.

The Employer at the SFICIFA Dam project is the Ministry of Agriculture and Hydraulic Resources of the Republic of Tunisia.

This structure is intended for supply of the required quantity of water for irrigation of agricultural land, since the agriculture is the basic economic activity in that area.

The construction works commenced in 2003 and were completed in 2004, within the planned time.

SFICIFA Dam is an embankment dam with the central clay core and filter zones. The supporting dam wall is made of rockfill. The dam wall slopes are made of RIP-RAP.
The dam height is 22 m, the crest length is 640 m the crest width is 6 m. The width in foundations is 185 m.
The capacity of the reservoir formed by the dam constructing is 15,9 million m3.

Constructed appurtenant structures include:

  • Spillway for evacuation of water from the reservoir is of lateral type and it is located on the right side of the dam.
  • Water intake tower is 30 m high.
  • Diversion tunnel dimensions 3,0 x 3,5 m and length 140 m.

The quantities of the main works executed during the dam construction are:

  • Excavation …. 424.000 m 3
  • Filling of all types of materials …. 592.000 m3
  • Concrete works (external and tunnel) …. 22.100 m3